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Welcome to iPothole.com, a free phone application that allows the public to personally report and review the presence of potholes on the roads. Created by Winnipeg-based Telenium Inc., iPothole costs nothing to download.

The iPothole application is only as good as the data that our community members (that's you!) provide us. We think it is important to dissect all the different Potholes. At the end of the day, we want you to feel confident that you're adding the right pothole to the right location, or getting the most accurate Pothole notifications.

Of course, your vote matters too. So whether you agree or disagree, make sure to add your vote by confirming or rejecting the pothole yourself. Once a user votes using the "Green up arrow" icon (in mobile applications, this is sometimes a "Yes" or "No" option) on the iPothole application map, the Confirmed number will change.

Pothole Sizes
"Short" Small: 1' or less Portion of the road material is broken away. Holes and lumps.
"Tall" Medium: 1' to 3' Quick swerve to avoid. Deep ruts. (Always check and signal before changing lanes!)
"Vente" Large: 3' or more Road is not passable for most cars. Moon-like crater.
Important notice: Please note that reporting a pothole via iPothole does not provide for the reporting of the pothole to the cities as they may appear below. While we are in discussions with a number of cities, there are currently no formal arrangements in place to provide this information to any of these cities.
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