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How does iPothole work?
When you see a pothole, report it by pressing a button on your phone. iPothole learns the credibility of potholes based on how many users agree. It also learns the credibility of each user, over time. Take caffeine, add water and mix. It combines technologies such as GPS and wireless location, geocoding, and reverse geocoding with a central database server. It communicates in real time, using the Internet. (subject to change without notice). If you have an unlimited data and text message plan, there should be no extra charges, but check with your provider to make sure.

What types of phones does iPothole support?
iPhones support the iPothole client.

Do I need a special data plan?
iPothole is free. However, the iPothole client does use some data services.

Do you sell or give out my private information?
No way! Never! Not in a million years. Read our privacy policy here.

For your personal safety please do not use a mobile device while driving. Pull over and stop your vehicle in a safe place before using your cell phone.

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